Need I say more at this time? This is supposed to be easy!

Let's just call this a collection of audio burps.

Every episode is a WYSIWYG experiment :-)

Episode Zero - WWDC

Episode One - Oh Buoy

Episode Two - Right Here Waiting

Episode Three - Mike Needs a Pop Filter

Episode Four - Sounds You Don't Hear in Da Harbor

Episode Five - Mike Needs a New Mic Cord

Episode Six - Even the ISP Went Down When I Uploaded This

Episode Seven - Sitt'in On The Dock of the Bay

Epsiode Eight - Headphones Suggested

Episode Nine - RIP Sony MiniDisk

Episode Ten - Back to Peace Plaza

Episode Eleven - Uh Mike, About That Air Conditioner Behind You...

Episode Twelve - Computer!  Hello Computer ...

Episode Thirteen - Yooper Maritime Mobile

Epsisode Fourteen - Get Off My Lawn!

Episode 15 - Small World

Episode 16 - Code Monkey

Episode Seventeen - BossJock

Episode Eighteen - Late Night Thoughts

Episode Nineteen - Cascade Falls

Episode Twenty - Perseids

Episode Twenty Point Five - There's More!

Episode Twenty One - Labor Day Part 1

Episode Twenty Two - Old Fashioned Barn Raising

Episode Twenty Three - Playground Part II

Episode Twenty Four - Fat Tire Lightning

Episode Twenty Five - Morning Coffee

Episode Twenty Six - The Jeep

Epsiode Twenty Seven - Wave!

TEpisode Thirty Three - Leaf Peepers

Hey, I need to catch up here!

Episode Thirty Eight - Sunrise on Brockway

Episode Thirty Nine - No Comment Required

Episode Forty - You Downloaded It, You Name It a>

Epsiode Forty One - Car In The Barn (Garage) Story

Episode Forty Two - Bricked at the Brewery

Epsiode Forty Three - Medic Standby

Episode  Forty Four - Buoy Watch - Day 7

Episode Forty Five - And The Harbor Goes Silent

Episode Forty Six - Fall is Officially Here!

Episode Forty Seven - 1200 FT = 1000 Yards?

Episode Forty Eight - Frozen Fanny

Episode Forty Nine - Welcome to Night Yooper

Episode Fifty - Woodstock

Episode Fifty One - Michael Can't Count!

Episode Fifty Two - Milk Happy Hour

Episode Fifty Three - Yoop Yoop

Show notes will be added as I have time.